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: 29. mar 2018 18:15
af rudi
Er der nogen herinde der anvender phpBB Gallery, findes her på github:

Det virker fint for "Registered User", men gæster kan ikke se galleriet - det vil jeg gerne have at man kan.

Jeg har gjort følgende:

1) Checked that Anonymous is a member of the Guests group.
2) ACP->Extensions->Selected Albums and selected all albums.
3) Submit.
4) Select "Guests" in "Add Groups" and press [Add permissions].
5) [Images] - "Can View images" => yes
[Comments] - "Can read comments" => yes
[Misc] - "Can see album" => yes
6) Copy permissions from 5) to all other albums.

Mit forum er her:

phpBB version 3.2.2
phpBB Gallery version 3.2.1