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AutoMOD 1.0.1 frigivet

: 20. nov 2012 20:53
af jask
Denne nye version indeholder fire nye funktioner, tre ændringer og mange rettelser:
[Feature] Show DIY instructions in the details. (Ticket #62171)
[Feature] Added error checking for readable MOD files. Patch by Callum95 (Ticket #62244)
[Feature] Ticket #62994 Warn the forum owner/admin if they are installing a MOD targeted at a different phpBB version than their forum is.
[Feature] Add ability to handle uninstalling additional modx files
[Feature] Ability to hide successful edits when install fails. php Patch by EXreaction (Ticket #59995)
[Change] Changed the wording for DIY. (Ticket #62171)
[Change] Hide the second uninstall button if there are no file edits. (Ticket #62468)
[Change] Changed the directory name from upload to root. To follow the MODX requirements.
[Fix] Bug #63109 Unknown languages are never in the DB so there is no idea trying to find them there.
[Fix] Bug #63110 Unknown languages are now shown.
[Fix] Bug #63107 Accept missing DIY.
[Fix] Clean-up installation/uninstallation of contrib MODx
[Fix] Give a higher priority to the uninstallation of the MOD
[Fix] Bug #62917 Handle translated MOD names correctly.
[Fix] Use correct language key when creating dir fails
[Fix] Undefined variable error when an unknown action is attempted
[Fix] Removed closing </a> that did not have any open tags. (Ticket #62152)
[Fix] Show translated links if there are such in the users language. (Ticket #62507)
[Fix] Install w/ FTP method copying all files to phpbbroot, not honoring preview_changes config. Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62268)
[Fix] editor->copy_content $to parameter is_array. Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62341)
[Fix] uninstall cleanup: reverse-delete NEW_FILES & wildcards reversal. Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62271)
[Fix] force_uninstall when using FTP write method results in "General Error". Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62288)
[Fix] edited and *uninst directories clutter, _backups confusion. Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62293)
[Fix] PHP error with compressed file method; strpos empty delimiter. Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62278)
[Fix] mod_upload() & delete() should respect configured FTP write method Patch by jasmineaura (Ticket #62277)
[Fix] MODs with special chars was copied to the wrong place. Patch by callumacrae (Ticket #62688)
[Fix] missed \s and incorrect regexp in reverse_query function. Patch by bolknote
Den opdaterede danske oversættelse er leveret, og burde være tilgængelig om kort tid. God fornøjelse