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Ping Pong Table Vs dinner table

Why do we need anything to fight our dinner table? If we do that, what makes ping pong tables become a worthy opponent? The answer is for most Americans, especially children, our dining table has grown to be a huge threat, hulking and a table table of tables representing a great solution. It's a bit of a David and Goliath story, but David will need a lot of ping pong balls! Let's take a look at the monster in the middle of our first.

Our opponents are a fierce, ugly, formed and now threatening habit to our country, and it also makes us more difficult – obese. According to Prof. Barry Popkin at the University of North Carolina, Americans have increased their daily caloric intake from about 1,803 kcal in 1978 to 2,374 kcal in 2006. How does that happen?

The researchers concluded that the section size (especially the "supersizing "), the number of daily meals, and the type of snacks eaten are the biggest elements. Light meals and daily snacks rise from 3.8 years 1977 to 4.8 in 2006 and up 7 times daily. Although the portion size seems to have stabilized over the last few years, the total calorie still increases. Where does excess calories come from?


Expert advice is to eat smaller meals, more often to boost the metabolism and control the famine rather than 3 big meals per day. It seems the advice has been followed, but we have ignored the songs in the selection of foods. When these smaller meals include high calorie and salty content such as "super sized" snacks, the benefits of small meals will disappear, except for all our puzzles!

A major villain in the wreck in this diet is soft drink, including liquid water clearing, accounting for more than 220 calories on excess over the years. At the same time, dry food changes to the amount of fat and sugar with a higher amount of fiber, vitamin or mineral. Even shopping for healthy foods has become more difficult.

Our Food market space is currently dominated by processed foods, reducing the danger level of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), an industry that holds tremendous political power. For more information, see YouTube videos from the University of California San Francisco named "Sugar: bitter Truth." Some doctors and food scientists give a strong argument that HFCs should be classified as POISON. Yikes!

So, how can we manage our weight properly? Experts agree that more than 90% of all diets do not maintain long-term weight loss. Those who succeed in keeping the excess weight have gained healthy lifestyles that they really enjoy. Censor the timing of the screen, recreating a person's taste with the exquisite taste of fresh produce, whole grain grains, lean meat and routine setting exercise routines, interesting to be part of these long-term success stories.


How many assignments need this new lifestyle? Not as much as you think. For example, statistics show that the dog owner can add years into their lives. Although the dog walking is gentle exercise, its regularity and tension reduces the most important ingredients to break the "boiler chair." Establishing a healthy lifestyle for children has become more difficult lately.

Educators and professionals agree that finding the most activity, if not all, children will embrace a challenge. The school's sports are not popular with children. In addition, the reduction of the regular physical education in schools has robbed our children of calories burned. Even more importantly may be loss of regular exercise routine. So if kids don't exercise much, what happened?

Without regular exercise time, young age has risen a lot. How much? Eric Schlosser, medical author note, said time to use the screen (TV, surf and video player) between the ages of 8-18 is about 1.5 hours on the computer, more than one hour of video game play, 4.5 hours watching TV and 7.5 recreational media... PER DAY! Now for the mighty ping pong ball!

Before the author was a sports medicine consultant, before he operated a tennis training job, before he was a player, he was a ping-pong player-one of the thousands of children who were hiding in the basement playing the Midwest table. Before that, he was the goal of the bully at school. With that child, a small table ball helped him to stay away from a less active lifestyle, and it was fun!

A table tennis can beat a dinner table because the first time you choose a racquet or table tennis, you can easily play and feel skilled without coaching. For a friend or family member with similar capabilities, your skills can be quickly improved without guidance. Coordinate eye-hand, brain function, balance, foot manipulation and physical confidence are readily available.

Compared to the use of screen, table tennis/Ping pong can begin to operate gently, but it's very beneficial. Setting up the fun exercise routine helps prevent appetite, reduce stress and balance calories. This can even be done alone as many table table tennis has a playback mode, (remember Forrest Gump?), for a player to work out. If you practice seriously and want to improve your ping-pong performance, check out the popular models at ping pong robot PingpongStart.

I believe there is no international sport which is convenient and easy to learn as table tennis. As it almost always gets played inside, it requires much less space and is less expensive to learn and enjoy more activities. Even better, every parent can "look like " an expert for a child and have a great time. If you compare the potential for the experience associated with children for the experience provided by the video screen, there is no competition.

Jonathan Bailin, Ph.D. Received a Ph.D. in Physiology/physiology exercise while conducting research on the impact on the forearm supported by USTA, while training 9-year NCAA first class tennis at the University of Southern California.

Recently, Jonathan has rediscovered his passion for his table tennis as a child in the basement of his Midwestern house. He realized that this is the foundation for the coordination of the eye/hand, the technique of rotation and love of the game begins. It is a two-sport shame not to be promoted more closely as they share a lot.
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